Wednesday, December 06, 2006


I was really bored last night and decided to watch the Jackson County Legislatures last session of the year (12/4/06) and ended up watching entirely too much. In spite of my propensity to ask way too many questions it was quite the event. In the absence of any other reason for watching, it provides a framework by which you can understand the collapse of our city piece by piece, as we continue to provide funding for a mostly bankrupt group of unrealistic idealists.

I watched the Finance and Audit committee, Health and Justice Committee, Anti-Drug Committee, and a host of other hilariously uneventful committees squeeze as much money as possible out of the County in the least amount of time. They work very well together, almost as if they rehearsed it privately prior to actual filming. Nobody had many questions or was pissed at the end...except for me, of course. Am I the only person asking questions about spending around here? Maybe it's because I have no money and watch every penny I spend because I have no committee to petition when this entity goes broke.

I mostly honed in on the Anti-Drug Committe because they seemed to take up the most amount of time and without a doubt, the most amount of financial resources. If money could solve drug problems and the peripheral trash it generates in Kansas City we would have no problems. We spend TONS (READ: hella) money on Anti-Drug Programs in the form of DART grants, Victim Services, Gun Violence money, Blue Springs Drug Abatement Program, Incarcerated Parents Program, Chance for Change Program, Della Lamb Money, Childrens Mercy "crack babies program"($93,000 matching funds, although originally started at $50,000 although because of inflation it has requested more without voting on it and receives it every year) money, Genesis School Grant, Drug Court monies, Truancy Project, and what I'll call faith-based Reverend Williams Money for Hickman Mills School District. All of these committees gave a preview of what was to come in the actual legislative session, which I'll tackle next.

On the Legislative session: These fuckers, no questions asked, granted every penny asked for without so much as a "if we've been spending hella money on this program without the realization of benefits to the community why should we continue to pump money into a dead fucking horse?" response. The bottom line is this. Taxpayers are being duped. Millions of dollars are being spent for programs (with big salaries) being pimped to taxpaying citizens as the next "fix" for our communities, when in actuality, the only persons profitting from these programs are the privileged individuals who happen to be aligned with the right committe who will never question the big salaries, let alone whether they will insure funding is used for appropriate projects reaping actual (not to be confused with hypothetical) benefits. As for the Reverend Wiliams Fund: How does a local pastor receive money to preach in one "distressed area" school while failing to address the others? This is not an attack on Christianity, but rather, the motivation of Jackson County to once again convene without having addressed a single fucking issue concerning whats moral and right for Kansas City.

The remainder of the meeting was mostly dedicated to bidding fat-ass, pimply faced Katheryn (looking 90 years old) Shields a fond farewell, introducing Mike (landshark turned executive) Sanders as County Executive (and the person in charge of appointing the new County Attorney), and stringing up Stringfield for suing the rest of the Klan. One more the fuck does Sanders weasel his way into being the person in charge of appointing the new county attorney? What a piece of crap Sanders is. Only in Klansas City. Oh yes, and the whole meeting seemed to be focussed on speaking in terms unrecognizable by those they serve and to push things through without reflection by anyone, nor a remark from the crowd.


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